What are the different types of motorcycle helmets

What are the different types of motorcycle helmets? (Beginner’s guide)

Motorcycle helmets are most essential gears for motorcycle while driving. If you are wondering what types of motorcycle helmets you should choose. Then you need to quit worrying.

Because “Helmet Family” is trying to tell you about the Major 9 types of motorcycle helmets here. After knowing that, you will be able to understand which helmet you should choose.

Many types of motorcycle helmets people like for example full face helmet, half face helmet, open face helmet, flip up helmet, motocross helmet, modular helmet, dual sport helmet, off-Road helmet, and smart helmets.

Importance of motorcycle helmets

If you drive a bike then you need to choose a better helmet. Because the helmet not only enhances your look, but also takes care of your safety.

For your information, let me tell you that helmet is a very important riding accessory. In the 2015 report, about 1772 bike riders were saved in a motorcycle accident due to helmet.

So we need to choose a better helmet. It may be that wearing a helmet may or may not have much important in your state. But you need to take full care of your safety.

List of 9 types of motorcycle helmets

Here are given 9 types of motorcycle helmets. You need to read this article. After read this article you can clear understand which types of motorcycle helmets good for you.

#1. Full face helmet

The full face motorcycle helmets are considered the most secure because this helmet covers our entire head. And not only this but also the nose, eyes, mouth, back of the head, covering all the things.

And when we drive the bike wearing this full face helmet. Then there is no air inside the helmet and no particles goes in our eyes. However, better visor is used in it that we can move.

The full face is one of the best motorcycle helmets that provides chin bar which is considered to be completely safety. Talking about some other helmet, that helmet is not able to provide this type of safety. The power to withstand the threat of accident is very much in full face helmet.

The full-face motorcycle helmet has made very good arrangements to get rid of sweat. If you use this helmet in summer, you can use ventilation.

If you want to use a full face helmet in cold weather, then the facility to turn off ventilation is also provided. For your information, let me tell you that for cold weather full face motorcycle helmets plays the role of a better helmet.

We talk about the facility, the full face is inside the helmet, not just for the comfortable. Rather, it is made with Bluetooth speaker, call attend button, navigation and better visor which allows for a comfortable riding.

#2. Half face helmet

The half face helmet is often used in scooters or scooties. It may or may not be a visor inside the helmet. It is also very easy to store it in under the scooter seat storage.

But this helmet does not prove to be more beneficial for your head than other types of motorcycle helmets.

The half helmet does not cover your entire head but only covers the top part of your head. This helmet provides less protection against other helmets as it has a lower coverage area.

Yet the demand for this helmet is very high among the people. If you have to select a half face helmet then you need to get a DOT approved helmet.

The half face helmet is a bit easy to use. Just you should tie it by strips.

But if you want to use a Bluetooth speaker in half helmet, then it will not be possible. Because of the lack of space in the half face helmet bluetooth feature is not added.

It does not have such special visors that will work like glasses while riding the bike in the sun. So if you are interested in using half helmet, then you will need to get glasses separately.

In the half face helmet, your face is half open. Due to which the wind allow to goes in your head, which is enough to give you the pleasure of a pleasant riding. But the half face helmet is not considered very safe at the same place.

#3. Open face helmet

The open face helmet means that it keeps parts of your face open. As such, inside this helmet, your head, ears, and back cover are covered but the side of the mouth and face side will be open.

Open face helmets are considered very popular for scooters, cafe racers, tourers, and cruisers. However, this types of motorcycle helmets are not considered a lot of safe helmets because these types of motorcycle helmets only covers the upper part of your head and the back part.

Open face helmets are also very much in trend these days which are liked by the riders. This helmet is made using quality material which gives a feeling of comfortable while riding.

The open face helmet is made of strong type and straps are also provided.

Because of which you can tie the helmet to your head to strengthen it. Safety is not very much guaranteed in this helmet because it does not cover your entire face. But at the time of the accident this helmet will secure your head to some extent.

And if we talk about dusty soil, while riding. It does not completely protect your face from dust, dirt and debris. Because it is an open face helmet.

#4. Flip up helmet

There are many better types of motorcycle helmets. But here are mentioned one of the better helmet that called flip up helmet.

Because in Flip up helmet we get the option that we can use the helmet as a full face helmet or use it as a half face helmet.

The flip up helmet is considered one of the best motorcycle helmet. And a good quality helmet that designed for very attractive as well as very comfortably riding.

Flip up helmet is given inside this option that which we can use as a half face helmet by lifting the front part.

This helmet is a helmet that attains superior importance status. And a lot of people like to use Flip up helmet.

Because Bluetooth connectivity and music system access in this types of motorcycle helmets is given. Through this you can enjoy listening to songs and calls can also be received.

#5. Motocross helmet

The motocross helmet is very popular which is often used by bikers. This helmet is also known by different types of names such as off-Road helmet and Motocross helmet.

Such a helmet is not used in the normal road, but rather it is used in the dust, soil and hilly areas. Where dusty soil is expected to not fall in your eyes while riding the bike.

In time, this helmet proves to be very good for your health and your head. The special thing about the motocross helmet is that if you ride the bike through the helmet. then even in the summer season, there is a cool feeling inside this helmet.

#6. Smart Helmets

The smart helmet is a type of helmet that looks like a common helmet. But the safety of this helemt is higher than a normal helmet.

The use of smart helmets is designed to completely protect the riding. In this helmet, riders benefit from alcohol detection, accident identification, location tracking, use as a hands free device and safety of fall detection.

We can also enjoy the sound system by making a different sound. However, if you want, you can access its music system and calls along with the wireless system because this types of motorcycle helmets are provide Bluetooth system helmet.

The smart feature of smart helmet can be gauged from the fact that a location and information is sent to the registered mobile number when the bike rider accident. Through which it can be possible to reach the place of accident at the right time.

#7. Modular Helmets

Modular motorcycle helmets is a mixture between full-face helmets and half face helmets. Visor are also given inside it for the eyes. This types of motorcycle helmets is enough to allow a comfort riding.

One special thing in such a helmet is that to avoid the sunlight, there is a visor provided in it, which you can use to cover.

In addition to being modular helmets costly, they weigh slightly more than a full face motorcycle helmets. And in terms of safety, it is considered perfect to provide more protection than a half-face helmet.

Therefore modular motorcycle helmets are more commonly used by tourers, cruisers, and adventure riders.

This types of motorcycle helmets is designed to keep the eye’s position exactly right. And it does not cover your face completely but is made by keeping some part of the side open.

Modular Helmets also provide Bluetooth facility through which you can easily attend calls and even ride while enjoying the songs.

#8. Dual Sport Helmets

Dual Sport Helmets are considered similar to off-road helmets. Which are considered very comfortable and very famous for comfort writing.

The design of the Dual Sport Helmets is very attractive and its exterior design is made somewhat different which gives a different identity.

Dual Sport Helmets cover your entire face towards full face helmets. And this helmet is given from the top like a spectacle, which can be used during sunlight. In common language, we can also say eye protection shield.

Dual Sport Helmets provide ventilation like an off-road helmet, which we usually use in the summer season. You can use ventilation to allow to goes to the air towards your head.

9. Off-Road Helmets

Off-Road Helmets is considered to be the best motorcycle helmet to be used on dirt and dusty roads.

If we look at its name, then its name suggests that it is meant to be used in a place far away from the streets of the city. This helmet can be used to comfort riding.

The design of the Off-Road Helmets is quite attractive and different from that of the common helmets. But the good thing in this helmet is that it is considered more safety, less weight and a better helmet for summer season.

Off-road helmets provide ventilation that allows air inside your head. However, we can also stop this ventilation in cold weather.

If we ride bikes using off-road helmets, then obviously we need to get separate spectacles. And let us tell you that this helmet is made very comfortable and strong. Through which, even if you do long riding, your neck does not feel tired.

Opinion: Types of motorcycle helmets

Here are mentioned all types of motorcycle helmet by “HelmetFamily”. If you like this post then you can share this post. If you have any question related of types of motorcycle helmets then you can message me.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of motorcycle helmets?

Here are given multiple different types of motorcycle helmets that you can use in your motorcycle while driving. Here are mentioned 9 types of motorcycle helmets.
1. Full face helmet
2. Half face helmet
3. Open face helmet
4. Flip up helmet
5. Motocross helmet
6. Smart Helmets
7. Modular Helmets
8. Dual Sport Helmets
9. Off-Road Helmets

Which type of motorcycle helmet is best?

Some type of motorcycle helmet that is the best helmet. Here are the list of full protection and full safety helmet that is consider comfort riding. Like:
1. Shoei X-Fourteen
2. Shark Race-R Pro
3. Shark Skwal2
4. Shark Evo-One 2
5. Scorpion EXO-R420
6. Shoei RF-SR
7. Arai Signet-X
8. HJC C70
9. Arai Corsair X
10. AGV Pista GP-RR

Which is the safest motorcycle helmet?

It is very important to choose the best helmet which is enough to make your riding comfortable and to protect it from accident. But the question is which is the safest motorcycle helmet? Here is a list of the best and safest motorcycle helmet. Which is considered to be one of the top brand of world level. like:
1. AGV
2. Arai
3. Shark
4. Shoei
5. Caberg
6. MT
7. Nolan
8. HJC

How do I choose a helmet?

Choosing a better motorcycle helmet is very important because it not only allows you to ride comfort. Rather, it also keeps your neck and head very safe. When you use a helmet, then you should choose a better and good quality helmet. And you should also see what is the shape and size of your head and accordingly you should choose the helmet. A helmet that fits you properly and then you should use that helmet at least one hour. And it should be determined that there is no pain in your neck due to this helmet. Although the new helmet is a bit tight, there is a problem but it is not special.

Which is better modular or full face helmet?

The full face motorcycle helmets are more comfortable and has different advantages. When we ride a bike with the help of a full face helmet, we feel very comfortable. And especially while getting the accident, it covers the entire head. Full-face helmets are considered slightly lighter than modular helmets. And it is considered to be the best for all those bike riders who like to ride longer. Although modular motorcycle helmets are also considered very good and safe, modular helmets are a mixture between full face helmets and half face helmets.

How tight should a full face helmet be?

The full face motorcycle helmets should be tight as per your head as it allows for comfort riding. But it should not be too tight. But the question is how tight should a full face helmet be? So it should be so fit that when you turn the head it should not be loose or tight. An easy way to do this check is that when you wear the helmet, it should not be more than 1 inch above your eyebrow.

Is ECE better than Snell?

The ECE helmet is a very powerful and a better helmet designed after better testing. Which is considered one of the most updated helmets. And not only that, it is one of the most recognized helmets in the world. This helmet is considered to be more rigid than the DOT approved helmet. But if we talk about Snell certification helmet. Then this helmet is also made with more testing, which is considered one of the safer helmets.

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